Urizenya is a half-elf Druid and the twin sister of Graenas.  She grew up on the outskirts of Shadesville, which is nestled up to the Whispering Forest.  She spent most of her adolescent years traveling with her elven father through the forests and learning the ways of the Druids from him.  She did this in part to escape the attention of the human boys in their village, who tended to treat her as if she was some exotic prize to win over.  The only boy that seemed to be interested in her for herself was the same boy that her brother pined after, the one that drove him into the clutches of Auril out of love-sick desperation.

Urizenya (who will use her extensive knowledge of toxic plants on anyone besides her brother who is foolish enough to call her Uri) journeys with her brother in hopes of finding a way to free her brother from the influence of the arch-fey deity that would turn their beautiful green world into a lifeless frozen wasteland.