Graenas is a twenty year old half-elf warlock and the brother of Urizenya, who he calls Uri (much to her annoyance).  He and his sister grew up in the outskirts of the village of Shadesville, which is nestled next to the Whispering Forest in Central Albion.

Graenas became a warlock in his late teens when he made a deal with the evil arch-fey goddess, Auril in order to win over the human boy he was crushing on at the time.  Since then, the half-elf has realized that like most things fey-kind offer, the relationship was little more than an illusion. Unfortunately, that did not end his debt to Auril, who still expects him to serve her.

Graenas now travels with his sister and a fighter they befriended on the way, doing Auril’s bidding while he looks for a way to escape his pact with the frosty deity.  He hopes to find a way to keep the power his relationship with Auril grants him, however.